Day 154: Wednesday 30 September

September 30, 2009

Once again the blog is a little late in getting off the ground due to illness.

Although I’m still very husky I do feel a little perkier today. I can imagine leaving the house and doing stuff, and who knows, I might actually LEAVE the house and Do stuff. Maybe even a visit to a charity organisation as it’s been a pretty lean couple of weeks on the new denim front.

With the YoD half way mark approaching I need to reinvigorate my wardrobe, maybe get into some handicrafts and sewing, do a bit of vernacular denim fashion rather than relying on what the shops have.

Denim + frangipani = weird shadows

I gaze into the future, or is it the past?

Top: MSK denim vest

Bottom: Just Jeans flared jeans, too long of course

Accessory: Dark denim cap to match the vest


Day 153: Tuesday 29 September

September 29, 2009

Sorry for the very late blog. I know there are 1000’s of people on the edge of their seats waiting to see what I’m wearing today.

Latest news is that I have a very sore throat and can barely talk. When I DO talk I sound like a cross between Tom Waits and Gollum.

Why does my blog voice sound so clear with such great projection? Going by my blog voice I’d assume I’d have a terrific singing voice. And it is terrific but more in the sense that terrific comes from ‘terrify’. You who have experienced my tuneless yet enthusiastic bellowing know what I mean.

If I tried singing today it would come out a very weird hoarse and husky whisper and would probably kill my vocal chords for good. ‘Good’ I hear you say Mr PN, however I’m hoping my voice returns to it’s usual lusty tuneless bellow by the time the Year of Denim meets it’s half way point, in exactly 1 month. Yes in 1 month I’ll have made it to the half way mark of The Year of Denim.

Here’s what I wore to the doctor. Can’t guarantee I’ll be in it all day. Tracksuit pants and bed are calling me…

I have my new Monthly to read in the sun

I have my new Monthly to read in the sun

Top: The Dragstar vest is as close as I’ll get to glamour today

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, scrappy

Accessory: Denim gm boots, sweaty

I’m off to take some antibiotics, followed by  handful of butter menthols. Yum

Day 152: Monday 28 September 2009

September 28, 2009

I decided to get out of bed today, although I still sound like a bull frog.

As I am home sick (not homesick) don’t expect glamour, instead expect comfort. I’ve thrown pretty out the window and it’s possible I may never find it again…

Not as green as the Green Lady, more off yellow

Not as green as the Green Lady, more off-yellow

Top: Wrangler loaner, a bit over sized so I can shlep more comfily

Bottom: Not attractive in any way whatsoever, fake denim track-daks

Accessory: Soft brimmed dark denim hat, easy style

Day 151: Sunday 27 September

September 27, 2009

I’m blogging in bed and I don’t think I’ll be getting up any time soon.

However this does give me the opportunity of showing off my awesome denim doona cover, photo courtesy of AK.

Soft focus bed shot

Soft focus bed shot

Top, Bottom and Accessory: Mayfield’s Lifeline supplied this denim doona cover. Who is the handicraft genius who dreamt up this incredible piece of manchester? Who are you? Where are you? Why did you make this thing?

Day 150: Saturday 26 September

September 26, 2009


Not feeling so awesome today.  Scratchy throated and vaguely coldey/fluey. But the blog must go on…

Sporting the very latest in op shop wear

Sporting the very latest in op shop wear

Top: Fresh new purchase hot off the Surry Hills St Vinnies rack, Lee Denim shirt /jacket with very rough edges and bonus pink bits. Too tight but what the hell

Bottom: Love Your Denim jeans, a gift from a stranger, thank you stranger

Accessory: Denim fake patchwork Sportsgirl bucket hat

Day 149: Friday 25 September

September 25, 2009

Happy birthday AK!!

Have a lovely time smelling pretty all day.

As to me, I’m almost all natural on the odour front. Just a dab of b.o.derant on work days so people don’t talk about me behind my back.

I struggled getting my outfit together today.  The day’s hotting up and I am worried I’m going to be too damn sweaty and that smudge of b.o.derant isn’t going to carry the day. That’s a warning so you know not to stand too close.

It's all about the pose in front of the grevillea

In front of the grevillea it's all about the pose

Top: Very vintage pale blue denim shirt with Elvis style collar

Bottom: Dragstar donated denim super flares, super high waisted… who cares if the button won’t do up

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots will be nicely full of sweat by midday

Accessory 2: Dark denim bag with red piping, a bit of a fav’

Day 148: Thursday 24 September

September 24, 2009

Phew. I’m glad that’s over and the air has cleared. There’s a red coating over every everything. And I just cleaned the house. And the car. Now I’ll have to do it all again. I hate cleaning, I really do. This dust storm has reinforced what a useless time wasting activity it is. I could be doing all sorts of way more interesting things, like doing a denim inventory, watching The Wire on dvd (ta Viv), op shopping, ummmm.

Anyway. Everything I am wearing today is from the op shops. Gosh I’m so charitable.

Blue denim backyard bust

Blue denim backyard bust

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket, a little little, a lot good

Bottom: Amazing Jeans. I haven’t worn them in ages cos’ I’m not too fussed by the visible fly buttons

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag. Too lazy to change my stuff over to another bag. Lazy bone idle dirty, that’s me