day 125: Tuesday 1 September

Gee it’s nice in Newcastle. The sun is shining, the surf is pumping, the kids are out in the street saying bye bye to dad, and we (The Twilight Girls) have to install an exhibition.

Days of labour stretch out ahead of us while the sun is shining and the surf is pumping blah blah blah. But it’s all in a great cause. Art. yawn. Sometimes I have no idea why I do it. Art that is. I LOVE doing YoD blog, usually, mostly.

Anyway. Here’s outfit number 1 for the day. Every day I’ll be wearing the same special work clothes, but here’s what I’m wearing to get to the gallery. T’aint pretty but please remember I’m WORKING!!!!

Action shot in front of Newcastle Ocean Baths

Action shot in front of Newcastle Ocean Baths

Top: MSK dark denim vest
Bottom: Fightin’ Foxes fake denim trakkies
Accessory: Same hat as yesterday, with bonus ‘UTOPIA’ badge cos I need something to look forward to

Stay tuned for an update on my working outfit…


7 Responses to day 125: Tuesday 1 September

  1. raquel says:

    I love the Ocean baths- have a great day x

  2. hellou says:

    dear jane i think what you’re doing for and with denim is lovely.but have you ever woken in the middle of the night (no anne i’m not talking about menopause)and “wondered where to from is it possible to push boundaries any further than i (that’s you) already am”.well i have just one word for you and that’s lace.yep four little letters that may make your next 100 days just that little bit scratchier but accessorising is never easy when the fashion stakes are high.anyhoo i’ll leave that thought with you but if i see a little bit of broderie anglaise poking out from a crevice or two i’ll know this effort has been worthwhile.

    • jampolk says:

      I have not been brave enough so far to engage with the whole ‘denim & lace’ look.
      But a scratchy crevice sounds so appealing I MIGHT have to un ban my lace ban.
      Stay tuned….

  3. raquel says:

    Flaps is styling Miss Polkinghorn in a few weeks time- stay turned for a fabulous denim and lace number- bought in Newcastle. Don’t forget to look for court shoes Jane!

  4. raquel says:

    what ever colour you can get.. what’s your shoe size?

  5. t.x says:

    oh yes i like, a v sportif look, it should be an ad for something

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