Day 128: Friday 4 September

So close to finishing, yet so far. I DID get a surf in this morning. Luckily it has died down to my size, tiny. And I must say that I am quite disappointed by Newcastle’s op shopping so far. I don’t want to damn it yet tho’ as I stil have a day of scouring the charities for denim.

And another thing, as I was reminded in a comment earlier this week…

Coming soon… Year of Denim styled by FLAPS!!!
Yep. The girls from that incredible self-published wonder zine Flaps have offered, yes OFFERED!! to dress me for a week. Stay tuned for horror denim fashion. I’m scared.

Here I am today outside Silk House Art Projects and in front of the Twilight Girls most recent masterpiece Wet Walls…

Denim + goo = splendour in the mall

Denim + goo = splendour in the mall

Top: Seriously styling in Joseph Saba denim shirt

Bottom: Love your Denim jeans. I know I’ve worn them nearly every day this week but they are nearly all I have as I as relying on Newcastle’s charities to be more yielding with  the denim

Accessory 1: The wind keeps mashing my little dark denim floppy hat’s brim

Accessory 2: Denim shoulder bag jammed full of goodies

Accessory 3: Denim gym boots. I am bravely wearing these to the gallery today as I got my bad sneakers wet at the beach. Hopefully I can keep them goo free


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