Day 129: Saturday 5 September

Aren’t Newcastle people nice?

Today’s photo was taken by a passerby as I was attempting to photograph myself on Newcastle Beach. Isn’t she nice? My perplexed face is because the nice friendly lady said as she was taking my picture “Say sex”. Is that strange thing to say to someone you’ve just met?

I’m off to hit the op shops in a serious way now, so here’s today’s stunning and somewhat familiar outfit…

A splash of colour and dash of denim

A splash of colour and dash of denim

Top: MSK vest, dark shades of denim

Bottom: Just Jeans red denims, the only coloured denim in my wardrobe so far

Accessory: Denim cap, all the way from Peregian now in Newcastle, soon to be back in Sydney


12 Responses to Day 129: Saturday 5 September

  1. raquel says:

    what are you wearing to the opening??

  2. phil turnbull says:

    “say sex” – that’s newcastle in a nutshell

  3. holdan says:

    that is freaking funny

  4. raquel says:

    4pm sunday.. you missing in action??

  5. raquel says:

    ha just distracted myself from my writing my checking if you had done it! tops

  6. Offman says:

    I used to have purple stretch denim jeans, oh those were the days!

  7. raquel says:

    I’m telling you- industrial strength have coloured stretch denim on sale for $50.00

  8. raquel says:

    what with coloured stretch?? no you need to buy a pair of purple jeans to wear- in terms of adding to the doona- who has time? Although maybe a matching scatter cushion?

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