Day 130: Sunday 6 September

Yes, yes, very late, I know.

I just couldn’t be arsed doing ‘it’ (blogging) before I left Newcastle this morning. Instead I got up, went for a brisk swim at Nobby’s Beach, followed by a trip to Newcastle’s farmers markets, then back to the gallery to pick up all the stuff coming back to Sydney, then back to Adeline to load up the car with all the op shopping, HRH’s huge quantities of travel necessities, and then off to Mangrove Creek to celebrate Father’s Day with the family.

Finally I’m home (phew) and here’s what I wore most of the day. Although bottoms were briefly swapped for some cut-offs in the middle of the day. Oh and special thanks to AK who made today’s photo possible…

Farrah admires new skunk themed hook rug, I look happy to be home

Farrah admires new skunk themed hook rug, I'm happy to be home again, this time for good

Top: Levi’s denim jacket, after a trip to it’s original home, Newcastle

Bottom: Denim look-a-like track pants, knees have totally blown out of shape, perhaps washing will restore their shape

Accessory: The Queensland style denim cap has had a heavy workout this week


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