Day 131: Monday 7 September 2009

Another day, another late blog. Oh well.

As late as ‘it’ (the blog) is today’s picture brings to light  one of Newcastle’s anonymous yet incredible handi-craft talents. Whoever made this amazing piece of manchester deserves to win a major art prize. I’m not sure which prize is the most appropriate, but if I could make anything near as spectacular and gorgeous I’d put the jelly wax aside for good.

Me casually blogging on my new hand crafted denim doona cover, cat likes it too

Me & cat casually blogging on my new hand crafted denim doona cover

Top: Older than me (nearly) denim shirt

Bottom: Younger than me in so many ways, Industrie jeans

Accessory: Can you see it? It blends in with the bedspread… under my elbow Mavi/ chavi denim bag

I have had many probing questions about my Year of Denim night attire. Now I can sleep in the nude (my preferred state in bed) in a top, bottom and accessory in the form of this amazing Newcastle charity shop find (thanks to the eagle eyes of HRH). Yes! Somebody has sewn a doona cover from a bunch of old jeans. In some places the have sewn on extra pockets to create visual interest, and boy am I interested! Here’s a better view of the bed spread…

A spectacular vision in denim homeware

An awesome spectacular vision of denim homeware


8 Responses to Day 131: Monday 7 September 2009

  1. raquel says:

    That is amazing! I can’t believe someone went to that trouble-its not like denim is particularly warm or soft’n’snuggly. They must have really loved denim.

  2. spiegel says:

    can you believe somebody gave this up??
    its as if they made it just for you

  3. pb says:


    All those pockets to rifle through

    Its fantastic

  4. uselesslines says:

    AMAZING. TERRIFYING. I don’t really know what to say but who would ever have thunk it?

  5. canberracontemporaryartspace says:

    a total triumph! the denim bedspread has a peculiar intimacy that leaves the negligee for dead. db

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