Day 132: Tuesday 8 September

Spring really looks like it’s here today and I suspect I am overdressed. Never fear, this is an interim outfit as I’ll be hitting the garden a little later: mowing, weeding, mulching, composting, green thumbing. Of course I’ll have to dres appropriately for that particular form of labour. So think of this outfit as what I’ll be wearing to walk the dog and go to work in later. If I can be bothered I’ll update with me in a blue collar do.


Over dressed, under paid

Over dressed, under paid

Top: Is it the last time I’ll wear this lovely flannelette lined  denim bomber jacket for the year? 

Bottom: I don’t know wether anyone has noticed my recent uptake of cheap denim brands? Jeans West, Just Jeans etc. Well these are Jay Jays jeans. Next it’ll be Target, Kmart and Best & Less. Shouldn’t I be moving in the other direction? Tsubi, Sass & Bide?

Accessory: Not worn in a while, Target (see, I’m wearing Target!) denim Casey Jones style cap


4 Responses to Day 132: Tuesday 8 September

  1. holdan says:

    I want that jacket

    • jampolk says:

      Put a bid on it at the Fashion Parade that will mark the end of the Year of Denim.
      Or if I feel kind I could give it to you.
      Or I might decide, as it still has ‘favourite jacket’ status, to keep it all for me in a greedy, selfish denim fit of pique.

  2. raquel says:

    Ah- I think I want that jacket too so if its going into the bidding you’ll have competition Holdan!

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