Day 133: Wednesday 9 September

Yikes. I’m still recovering from wearing jeans a size too tight yesterday. As I am off to look at art today thought I’d best dress for serious intellectual pursuits, and comfort. This is about as serious as I get, which is a bit of a worry. What if I have to go for a job interview? A funeral? A wedding? A christening? Denim is fine for dog walking and blogging but what about the real grown up adult world?

Denim and the kangaroo

Denim and the kangaroo

Top: Lakhi pin stripe denim jacket

Bottom: Pin stripe not knickerbockers

Accessory: Denim gym boots, please note the striped socks helping to pull the outfit together


12 Responses to Day 133: Wednesday 9 September

  1. HRH says:

    You are obviously saving that special little number that you found in Newcastle for Newcastle… tisk tisk… where was RO when u needed her… she wouldn’t have let you weasel out of investing in that strapless A-frame number… would have gone nicely with the aforementioned… at least you have time to reconsider picking up that kicky little white denim tennis skirt….

  2. raquel says:

    white denim skirt! fabulous! you better get it, think of all those long hot days coming- you’ll want some white

  3. raquel says:

    p.s. what are those drips on your top???

  4. raquel says:

    sorry looks like there are a few spit dribbles on your black t-shirt

  5. tim says:

    oh wooooo
    hot ensemble

  6. t.x says:

    sun glasses always set things off

  7. t.x says:

    not to mention those white laces given plenty of room to shine, v cool

  8. HRH says:

    You aren’t the only one saying I should start a blog… but as fashion guru… some folks would be reaching for a bucket…
    and the stains on t-shirt look like “I was brushing my teeth when I dribbled”… tits are good for catching all the detritus of life…

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