Day 135: Friday 11 September

Woah. Just realised it’s September 11. 8 years since the twin towers collapse, 8 years since we went to Los Angeles to live for 2 years. Yep, I arrived in the USA the evening of September 10. We got up to walk the dog in the morning down at a local park in Silverlake and a crazy lady (we thought) was telling us how terrorists had flown planes into the twin towers. Cuckoo we thought. But then she went on to tell us about her husband was stuck in Hong Kong because the whole of the USA was a no-fly zone.

A strange strange day and a strange beginning of our stay in the US.

Here’s today’s outfit. I have no idea what that face is I’m pulling, beige steel perhaps?

Turn to the left, Turn to the right, FASHION!

Turn to the left, Turn to the right, FASHION!

Top: Busting out the denim anorak

Bottom: Levi’s fading flares

Accessory: Mambo denim bag with orange horse decal


5 Responses to Day 135: Friday 11 September

  1. spiegel says:

    love the anorak.

  2. holdan says:

    I love the word anorak.

  3. spiegel says:

    go and tend that sick child, holdan

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