Day 137: Sunday 13 September

Well I’m exhausted from updating yesterday’s blog. There was so much denim activity I simply HAD to get it up so to speak. It was so hot today I almost couldn’t bear wearing denim. But I’m committed to the Year of Denim, so I wore it, hot and sweaty, but with pride. I looked like a nong but so what?

And special thanks to Mr Matthew Tome for taking the pic in his and Penny’s lovely edible Mayfield backyard…

I hte this shruggy vest thing, only wearing it cos I'd have failed YOD if I didn't

I hate this shruggy vest thing, only wearing it cos I'd have failed YOD if I didn't. Taxi thinks having a hangover doesn't help

Top: That nasty Jeanswest vest. Bluech

Bottom: Top Shop light denim tight turn-ups

Accessory: That bag I’ve been wearing all weekend

Tired now. Gotta rest so I have strength for tomorrow’s very early morning blog


6 Responses to Day 137: Sunday 13 September

  1. raquel says:

    I think this shrug is better than the long sleeve one.

    • jampolk says:

      You’re wrong. Short sleeved shrug is Waaaay better.
      I HATE the shortt sleeved one and will only wear it if I’m desperate from now on.

  2. raquel says:

    but the long sleeve shrug is too small- too tight around the arms and armpits- makes your arms look fat. Also too small at the front making your boobs look enormous. I think you just need to wear it with something else

  3. stoogi0 says:

    I’m quite liking the shruggy thing myself, maybe not with that t-shirt though eh?

  4. […] ago I tried on the same jacket and decided it was too tight and sausagey. However a comment on Sunday’s blog about the super tight denim shrug I was wearing on Saturday night  has turned my mind […]

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