Day 139: Tuesday 15 September

It was kind of balmy when I left home early yesterday morning, so I had on a short sleeve shirt. By mid morning it was freezing and I had to, yes HAD to go into Surry Hills’ most excellent St Vinnies, and I had to, yes HAD to, buy a denim jacket to keep me cosy.

Four weeks ago I tried on the same jacket and decided it was too tight and sausagey. However a comment on Sunday’s blog about the super tight denim shrug I was wearing on Saturday night  has turned my mind around.

Personally I love fat chicks in tight clothes. So today I am embracing the fat chick in me and outside of me (where most of the fat resides) and going for the super snug, fat arm, big boob, waist-that-goes-out-instead-of-in look that was disparaged in a comment a couple of days ago…

Denim modelling in front of winter frangipani

Denim modelling in front of winter frangipani

Top: Fresh from the racks of St Vincent de Pauls, Blockout stretch denim snugly jacket. Check the waist, boob and arm bulges. Nice!

Bottom: Dragstar denim high waisted flares. Unseen is undone top button. Big gut, can’t do up

Accessory 1: Same denim bag as yesterday. It matches cos the jacket has red stitching

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots, cunningly concealed by super flares


9 Responses to Day 139: Tuesday 15 September

  1. t.x says:

    I agree about chunky in tight clothes, can be very tempting. And stretchy too I love. the dark colour of this jacket is nice, business like for the office

  2. holdan says:

    props polkers!

  3. Offman says:

    Super sexy! I don’t know what you are talking about with bulges, dark colours hide it in photos.
    You look like one of the Olsen twins; nifty!

  4. HRH says:

    I thought bidness time was on Wednesday…

  5. stoogi0 says:

    Very Hardcore Seventies, should probably come with a Parental Advisory sticker! One can hope that no-one got their eyes too close 😉

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