Day 140: Wednesday 16 September

I’m a little blurry this morning, and it’s not because the photographer has shaky hands. My blurriness is the self induced kind, brought on by drinking beer then sangria and THEN vodka. I also think eating copious amounts of meat on a stick has something to do with me feeling off colour.

See for yourself…

Man shows off his meat on a stick

Man shows off his meat on a stick

I cannot believe I was eating that very same meat on a stick last night. It looks revolting, although the man does seem quite proud of his meat.

So that brings me to now. I have been down walking the dog in a place known as The Wildside. And it is wild. This morning we saw a kingfisher, along with a large number of cormorants airing their wings, loads of swallows, doves, magpies and fish. Who’d have though the toxic drain that is the Cook River could support all that birdlife?

A pocket of Sydney barely changed in 200 years

Girl and dog modelling against a mangrove backdrop, close to Sydney's CBD

Top: I love this Dragstar vest, and wish I didn’t have to give it back at the end of The Year of Denim

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, somewhat snugger than the last time I wore them. Is it because they are freshly washed or I’m freshly fatter?

Accessory 1: Mavi denim bag, small but just the right size

Accessory 2: Denim Birkenstocks. I feel a bout of vegetarianism coming on after all that meat and Birkies are one of the ways to spot a vegetarian


9 Responses to Day 140: Wednesday 16 September

  1. Offman says:

    You look frisky after all that tubular meat! Yum.

  2. holdend says:


  3. holdend says:


  4. phil turnbull says:

    i love this bit if the river – as a callow youth i ventured there for picture taking – me with long hair, an knitted argyle vest, jeans (yes!) and a cigarette. looking stoopid of course.

    so that was an Argentinean meat place?? one thing i love is their drink made from cane sugar liquor + lime + sugar + crushed ice. wow.

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