Day 141: Thursday 17 September

Off up and away early this morning.

Last night we farewelled the Guru Goffas because today she heads to Tokyo to show ’em how it’s done. Good luck Goffas! Sydney’s going to miss you heaps. Personally I hope you have storming good time in Japan.

Here’s the Guru wearing a hand crafted, by Josie Cavallaro, beaded mask….

She's comng colours in the air, she's like a rainbow

She's like a rainbow, Coming colours in the air... and we'll miss her heaps

Also spotted at the Gurus farewell drinks was one of this blog’s most avid commentators. Dressed not in double denim but in a denim & corduroy jacket combo perfectly matched by her partner… Uncanny! Brilliant!

Wearing it twice makes it nice

Wearing it twice makes it nice

Life is much more mundane and currently less well travelled here at YOD than Guru Goffas. I WILL be travelling today, but going to and from the Central NSW coast is not quite as glamorous or exciting as flying to Tokyo. It is still travel and there are some sites of interest to see on the way.

For example, lots of wild flowers along the freeway at the moment: wattle everywhere but boronia is nearly done. Sometimes there is some very picturesque misty fog. The scenery across the bridge at Brooklyn is quite spectacular. Umm, what else… I pass a fantastic 1960’s red brick house with sandstone flagging which I like to (safely) rubberneck at each time I go by, as well as the other 1960’s house that has penguin railing!. There’s always amazing stuff out on the streets in Sydney’s north west suburbs, but I stop myself from stopping and shoving it in the car.

So many things to see and experience along the way, too many to list so I won’t go on. I do admit I’d rather be going to Tokyo…

Misty morning musings

Misty morning musings

Top: Joe’s Jeans jacket, tight

Bottom: Industrie dark denims, I still reckon these are skinny legs

Accessory: Dragstar (3 days in a row!) denim bag, slouchy but not grouchy


4 Responses to Day 141: Thursday 17 September

  1. raquel says:

    even daggier – the jackets are from the same shop- although we didn’t buy them together- we where laughing on the way to the pub about how we had turned into a matching couple

    Have a great trip goffers! we will miss you!

  2. raquel says:

    hey- are these your usual skinny jeans- is the turn up new? or do you usually have it tucked in??

  3. Youre totally correct with this piece!!

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