Day 142: Friday 18 September

Aaarrrgghhh! Denim dreams in my head! I dreamt I was doing some kind of ‘Denim for Charity’ event. In the dream I waltzed into a bar to meet a very old friend singing some kind of stupid made up denim related lyrics to the tune of ‘New York, New York’. Of course everyone turned around to stare and I was incredibly embarrassed. And then somebody STOLE my charitable earnings, leaving behind a nasty chalk board message about how stupid the Year of Denim was/is.

Then suddenly I was making an art work with HRH. We were covering some kind of fridge/ bbq/ chicken hutch in wierd purple/ blue goo that we had to combine with some other sparkley goo to  make it set

Phew, I’m exhausted now.

Three shades of denim = swishy combo

Three shades of denim = a casual combo

Top 1: Mid blue denim from the famous fashion house Fletcher Jeans

Top 2: Streeetch dark denim shirt. Very snug and a little short in the body. Stay tuned for stomach flashing

Bottom: Beautiful & Damned pale blue denims, a bit big n bulky where you don’t want it to be

Accessory: Dragstar pale blue denim bag, two days in a row, which is slack of me

Mid- morning update

The flares are so flarey that I swish as I walk. The sound is quite different to the corduroyphhtt phhtt. It is most definitely a swishy sort of  sound


6 Responses to Day 142: Friday 18 September

  1. holdend says:

    thanks for speccing out the swishy sound. I was quite lost until then.

  2. jampolk says:

    Nobody’s reading today.
    Be tif I was wearing that amazing denim bolers/waistcoat/ dungarees there’s be crowds rushing to see….

  3. holdan says:

    I’m reading! I’m reading!

  4. HRH says:

    I would have read it but was out of range of any telecommunication type contact… that dream sounds like a flashback to Miami… and the road kill flamingo…

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