Day 143: Saturday 19 September

Gosh my life is exciting. Last night I went to watch one of the footy semi-finals with 2 teams that I don’t really give a stuff about (I know, how tragic) Parramatta vs Gold Coast. However it was very exciting, particularly the parochial crowd of about 28,000 extreme Parramatta supporters all screaming their lungs out, wearing face paint and waving their blue and yellow flags.

To recover from the emotional high of watching a game where you are not particularly fussed about the outcome (I WAS pleased Parra won) I am spending the day round the house doing some exciting chores: cleaning, tidying, dusting, amybe even washing the car. But I did take Taxi, the itchy arsed dog, to the park first.

A tree, a girl, a dog

A tree, a girl, a dog

Those Moreton Bay fig trees are such an amazing size and shape that I got AK to photograph me against it. You can’t really see what I’m wearing however, which I SUPPOSE is the purpose of this blog, so here’s we are close-up…

Denim house-frau attire with dog and poo bags

Denim house-frau attire with dog and poo bags

Top: Supre (nothing but haute couture for me!) pale denim vest

Bottom: Donated Gap jeans, thanks Holden

Accessory: Denim head skarf/ tourniquet


3 Responses to Day 143: Saturday 19 September

  1. holdan says:

    alrighty oh polkers. I was double denimed today – jeans and button up shirt. it was a delight.

  2. I’ll take credit for ANY double denim worn anywhere by anyone…

  3. anne kay says:

    Looks to me like Taxi is having a chat to you in the close up.

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