Day 146: Tuesday 22 September

Last night I dreamt about Elvis…

While that is a Gillian Welch song lyric  it’s also the truth. Yesterday I finished reading Careless Love by Peter Guralnick. How depressing. Poor Elvis pilled himself to death surrounded by people yet lonely, in a state of depression  and constipated. Apparently when you are famous doctors can’t say no to you. So just like Michael Jackson,  Elvis had many willing suppliers of a range of uppers, downers, anti-depressants, laxatives and pain killers. And like Michael jackson Elvis semed very very sad. American Trilogy? More like American Tragedy.

Here’s Elvis in his last concert, six weeks before he died on the toilet,  singing/ straining Unchained Melody…

Anyway. Moving right along to today’s stellar outfit…

Moody early morning pose down

Moody early morning pose down with giant red ceramic butt plug

Top: JeansWest ‘1970’s revival’ pale denim jacket, lightweight for the warm day ahead

Bottom: Denim Company ankle freezers, turned up to make that seem intentional

Accessory 1: Denim tie belt

Accessory 2: Denim shoulder bag

Accessory 3: Denim Birkenstocks


11 Responses to Day 146: Tuesday 22 September

  1. HRH says:

    I think I have to stop reading this blog as even I am beginning to dream of denim…

  2. holdan says:

    that butt plug is scary

  3. raquel says:

    I like this look, nice re-working of those pants- and your pose is tops!

    • Year of Denim says:

      Copped some flack in the office with this pose.
      The word ‘knob’ was bandied around.
      I pretended they were talking about T.Fry’s giant butt plug

  4. HRH says:

    Yes the pose it a bit Rebel Without a Clue… Looks good.
    As for the denim dreaming I think it was a bit Big Love… Twilight…. Newcastle flashback to innocent youff… and the sighting of a resurgence of kaftans in Berry on Saturday… all mixed into one…
    As for the butt plug… ornamental purposes only I would hope…

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