Day 149: Friday 25 September

Happy birthday AK!!

Have a lovely time smelling pretty all day.

As to me, I’m almost all natural on the odour front. Just a dab of b.o.derant on work days so people don’t talk about me behind my back.

I struggled getting my outfit together today.  The day’s hotting up and I am worried I’m going to be too damn sweaty and that smudge of b.o.derant isn’t going to carry the day. That’s a warning so you know not to stand too close.

It's all about the pose in front of the grevillea

In front of the grevillea it's all about the pose

Top: Very vintage pale blue denim shirt with Elvis style collar

Bottom: Dragstar donated denim super flares, super high waisted… who cares if the button won’t do up

Accessory 1: Denim gym boots will be nicely full of sweat by midday

Accessory 2: Dark denim bag with red piping, a bit of a fav’


8 Responses to Day 149: Friday 25 September

  1. petenel says:

    Best Pose and Pic ever. AK’s work?
    You are like a air hostess rushing for Air Denim Flight 1000 from SYD to Amco City.

  2. holdend says:

    happy birthday AK. nice pose jane. no tripod? anne leave early? had to put the camera on the ground? geezy

  3. holdend says:

    oops just read other comment.

  4. holdan says:

    hells yeah

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