Day 154: Wednesday 30 September

Once again the blog is a little late in getting off the ground due to illness.

Although I’m still very husky I do feel a little perkier today. I can imagine leaving the house and doing stuff, and who knows, I might actually LEAVE the house and Do stuff. Maybe even a visit to a charity organisation as it’s been a pretty lean couple of weeks on the new denim front.

With the YoD half way mark approaching I need to reinvigorate my wardrobe, maybe get into some handicrafts and sewing, do a bit of vernacular denim fashion rather than relying on what the shops have.

Denim + frangipani = weird shadows

I gaze into the future, or is it the past?

Top: MSK denim vest

Bottom: Just Jeans flared jeans, too long of course

Accessory: Dark denim cap to match the vest


6 Responses to Day 154: Wednesday 30 September

  1. HRH says:

    When is the date for the half year?

  2. phil turnbull says:

    get better soon. annette has had a persistent cold/flu for as long as you have.

    but… awkward family photos brings the denim goodness on again:

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