Day 155: Thursday 1 October

Another day, another sick and revolting development that requires frequent visits to the bathroom.

Apart from that I’m fine, except for the gravel that has lodged in my throat, painfully.

I also want to thank all the denim obsessives who comment on this blog. Yesterday I published the 1000th comment. Admittedly nearly half the comments are mine…

The day is hot, I'm not

The day is hot, I'm not

Top: Been giving the Dragstar denim vests a good workout, here’s the one with studs. Unfortunately my generous bust makes it difficult to button up

Bottom: JeansWest denim skirt all the way from the Sunshine Coast, too big but that brings us to the accessory…

Accessory: Oversized denim belt, donated by the generous and fashionable RO


7 Responses to Day 155: Thursday 1 October

  1. holdend says:


  2. HRH says:

    and the living is wheezy….

  3. spiegel says:

    just had to check in to see what the new month had thrown up (and i dont mean that in a pukey sense) – and i wasn’t disappointed. very rock chick. very Rocktober

  4. Year of Denim says:

    Stay tuned for a significant fashion revelation to mark the half way point in exactly 1 month.

  5. HRH says:

    Might be more than one…

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