Day 162: Thursday 8 October

To be updated tomorrow… hopefully.

In the mean time here’s a piece of something old I like from my denim wardrobe.

Blue so blue, worn so worn

Blue so blue, worn so worn


I go up to the Hawkesbury, to Mangrove Creek for a break. To get way from it all, to relax, chill out, do nothing, see nobody, get back to nature. Frequently that ISN’T what happens, and this time is no exception.

This time we get up there the middle of the day yesterday. Oh no. The electricity is off. Unfortunately that’s not all that’s off. The entire fridge is off. There are maggots crawling out of the fridge feasting on the rotten contents of the freezer. Lucky maggots, unlucky us.

Bluech bluech yuck n spew.

So we clean the fridge out, get the electricity working again and then I notice the phone isn’t working. So I go outside to see if the line has been broken, which is the usual problem.

I can see the phone line coming through the trees, however I can’t see where the phone line enters the house. I stop looking up at the trees and look on the ground.

There’s black cable writhing in death throes on the ground. It’s the phone line. It’s absolutely fried. Hit by lightning fried. Glad I wasn’t here when that happened.

So that brings us to today.
A nice slow start. Hours in bed. Lovely. Finally I got up to gather some horse manure for the vegie patch back home.

When I came back to the house I noticed the verandah and all it’s furniture was covered in red dust from the dust storms a couple of weeks ago. More cleaning, some vacuuming, then the bathroom and THEN THAT”S IT! I’VE HAD ENOUGH!! I’M NOT CLEANING ANY FUCKING MORE!!!!

So I’m blogging instead…

Thursday's blog view from the verandah. Aaahhh

Thursday's blog view from the verandah. Aaahhh

Here’s what I was wearing…

Denim jetty fusion

Denim jetty fusion

Top: On loan Wrangler jacket which seems to have eaten my hands

Bottom: Rider denim pooh catchers. These are staying up at Mangrove Creek for good

Accessory: Sportsgirl denim bucket hat. The sun did shine occasionally


2 Responses to Day 162: Thursday 8 October

  1. netty says:

    thought you would like a fancy Chanel denim bag to add to the collection.

    Ant, Rebecca and kiddlies staying at the moment – may not let them go!!!!! Having too much Sydney style fun!

    Love the blog – Netty xxx

    • Year of Denim says:

      Hey lady!
      Nice to hear from you.
      Any denim donations are very gratefully received.
      Is that REAL Chanel or fake? Not that I care…
      I’m glad your visitors hve been fun and not free loaders..

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