Day 164: Saturday 10 October

I think I’ll be pretty today, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be dressed pretty. Just you wait and see tomorrow when I update this page…

For now admire a detail from my polyester Levi’s

Plastic pants, metal button

Plastic pants, metal button

Incoming update

Well that was exhausting. Doing nothing can wear a girl right out! All I’ve done since Friday is twitch. That’s right, bird watching. I’m getting so boring I can barely stand it. But geez I love those birds.

In the house we hounded by Splendid Wrens attacking themselves in the window reflection. The satin bower bird also had a go at it’s own image. I saw wattle birds galore, rainbow lorikeets, a juvenile and a mature sea eagle, honey eaters, bush turkeys, cormorants, finchs, magpies of course, whip birds, friar birds, kookaburras, and after careful book analysis we think we saw a channel billed cuckoo.

The weather was cool and I never got a chance to wear my denim cut offs or vest. Here’s what I wore and as I predicted it wasn’t pretty…

I gaze skywards, maybe at the bush turkey Buster has chased into a tree. Or perhaps I'm just posing

I gaze dumbstruck maybe at the bush turkey Buster has chased into a tree. Or perhaps I'm just posing, I don't recall

Top: Wrangler jacket loaner I now think doesn’t really suit me

Bottom: Rider jeans. I’ve been repeatedly told how bad these jeans look and now I must say I agree. To be worn in times of desperation from now on

Accessory: I have no idea why I though popping the brim ala Gilligan would improve the Sportgirl hat and the look. It didn’t


4 Responses to Day 164: Saturday 10 October

  1. holdan says:

    you and bill odie

  2. Not an odious comparison

  3. raquel says:

    probably was a channel Billed cuckoo they are pretty hard to miss and have arrived from up north. You can see them in the Ville.

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