Day 166: Monday 12 October 2009

I’m up early. So early I have seen the sun rise. That’s too early. Way too early. But when you are a worker that’s what you have to do, obey the shift roster like a drone. At least I don’t have a bundy clock, although my first job after school, in a factory, involved the use of a bundy clock, but only for the factory. The people in the office didn’t use it.

Enough reminiscing about the olden days. Yesterday I forgot to mention the fashion care package I received from  the YOD Southern Highlands fashion adviser. That’ right, she sent me some denim! And what an item! It’s a Jag maxi skirt, in need of a good wash. Being a little stumpy I’m also worried the maxi length might be too maxi.

Me, denim, the backyard, the sun rise

Me, denim, the backyard, the sun rise

Top: Lee distressed edged denim shirt, barely does up

Bottom: The Beautiful & the Damned pale blue denim flares, too big

Accessory 1: Denim bag with red piping

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots. I must say I am seriously considering buying those Levis gym boots made from old jeans. These cheapies are fine, but the Levis are on a different level of chicness


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