Day 167: Tuesday 13 October

Another early watch the sun rise start to the day. It is a beautiful day here in down town Marrickville. Mild, clear skies, birds tweeting, dogs barking, goods trains screeching.

Lucky me. I have woken up with a head cold, snot stuffed, scratchy throated, mouth breathing etc etc blah blah blah. On a brighter note the half way point for the Year of Denim is almost upon us.

To all the YOD knockers all I can say is that I am half way to achieving my goal. A person has to set goals. It’s just mine are not the taking over the world, making buckets of money, becoming a supermodel, running a marathon, winning a grand final type of goals. My goals are more do some stupid stuff, aim to have a merry time at all times, go surfing as much as possible kind of goals.

Here I am on my way to achieving a landmark Year of Denim date…

Softly I gaze into the rising sun

Softly I gaze into the rising sun. I didn't check the focus at all.

Top: Blockout streeeetch denim blazer, a bit of to school, but so what?

Bottom: Dragstar super flares and a waist an inch too tight

Accessory: Denim Roxy tiny handbag with flowers to match my Hawaiian shirt


8 Responses to Day 167: Tuesday 13 October

  1. phil turnbull says:

    nice moody look today and yesterday. even if rather early, you really need a glass of whiskey and a ciggie to make it more noir.

  2. holdan says:

    you are known in our house now as the lady with two dogs and a cat. just and FYI

  3. pb says:

    girl on the go go

  4. Offman says:

    You look so suave, so Playboy!
    Hope you are feeling better!

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