Day 176: Thursday 22 October

Early morning wake-up. I saw a ball of orange that I am guessing was the sun. It ‘s now disappeared into even grey skies.

I’m a bit concerned my look is super casual, too casual even, for work. But then what are they going to do? Insist I go home and change? Give me detention? Dock my pay? Make me go to fashion counselling?

That last option is not a bad idea. I thought the Year of Denim would be the time to remake my fashion sensibilities. But it hasn’t happened. Not so far.

Flouro stare, soft toy pile-up

Flouro stare, soft toy pile-up

Top: My overall look may be casual but I can assure you this is a denim SABA shirt

Bottom: Back to sloppy styles down below, Jay Jays jeans

Accessory: Dragstar squishy denim bag


2 Responses to Day 176: Thursday 22 October

  1. Offman says:

    Always cutting an edge, JP. New Ltd. should style themselves based on you, the world would be a better place for it. Did I ever tell you I once had a job where they said ‘dress corporate’, and I was in fear they would one day call me aside, and have it out with me, but I was prepared to say ‘Corporate? I thought you said pauper!’

    • Year of Denim says:

      Well I did recently peruse my work place’s ‘Business Attire Policy’ in which it says jeans are out!
      As is sexy anything.
      But fuck ’em.
      I’m wearing denim till they fire my blue arse!

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