Day 179: Sunday 25 October

I really thought I’d be taking it easy today.

I planned on doing the shopping, mostly for those damn pets, coming home, lounging around, with the strong possibility of an afternoon nap.

All of that is still possible. But in the mean time I DID go and do the shopping, without an umbrella coz it was slightly overcast when I left home. Then it bucketed down.

Does anyone have any idea how heavy wet denim is? When I cast my mind back to my Bronze Medallion we had to jump in the water with our clothes on and not drown. That’s how I felt lugging the shopping home.

I didn’t photograph my first outfit. By the time I got home the storm drain out the front had completely clogged so  I had to do a drain rescue to stop the street flooding, which I did in my undies with a very elegant khaki green rain poncho thrown over the top. No photo.

So here I am posed with my first outfit, now wet, and my second cosy, dry, on-the-couch-for-the-rest-of-the-day outfit…

Clothes too wet to bring into house

Clothes too wet to bring into house

Let me just say my first outfit was stylin’. I realise my current outfit isn’t.

Top: My first to was the MSK denim vest. The one I am wearing now is the Wrangler loaner

Bottom: The jeans seen hanging above are my Amcos. Such soft, lovely aged denim. Now I am wearing the faux denim trakkie daks

Accessory: In my first outfit i wore my Glaour Girl denim cap, now drenched. In the current outfit I am wearing denim birkies


6 Responses to Day 179: Sunday 25 October

  1. raquel says:

    Poor thing-hope there were no dead bats in the drain this time but the storm was wonderful. x

  2. Yes, the storm was exciting.
    Now I’m enjoying Marrickville’s late arvo bird calls.
    Woodle woodle

  3. phil turnbull says:

    hey, we had some of those woodle birds too

  4. HRH says:

    I love weather that howls.

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