Day 182: Wednesday 28 October


Can you feel it? The excitement is building as we gallop towards the Year of Denim’s half way mark on Friday.

Join me in celebrating this incredible landmark of human endeavour.
Come to Echo Point Karaoke dive in the basement of 262 Pitt Street Sydney, just around the corner from Park St.
I’ll be there from 9pm -12, possibly alone, singing my husky heart out.

And in other news, today the sun is shining.

Year of Denim + sunshine = funshine

Green Lady and me admiring the sunshiney day

Top: Saba denim shirt. I wish my boobs weren’t so big then it wouldn’t flare out so strangely

Bottom: Cos they got wet before I documented me wearing them I thought I could ride the Amcos again. So soft, so velevety, so airy around the crutch because the zipper heads south at any opportunity

Accessory: Denim gym boots


One Response to Day 182: Wednesday 28 October

  1. Year of Denim says:

    It’s a bit sad when the only comment is from the Year of Denim.
    Stay tuned for Half year stocktake…

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