Day 215: Monday 30 November

November 30, 2009

Happy birthday Mum.

Early rising is a puffy eyed activity. Perhaps I should be wearing the puffy skirt to match, seen on YoD only once here to mark the half way point.

Instead I am all sensible double denim. There’s nothing to laugh at here. Move along if you want to giggle at the double denim dag.

Perhaps tomorrow I will wear something ridiculous. It all depends on the weather.

Poodles, a pineapple and a Polk

Top: Benetton dark denim jacket

Bottom: Gap skinny long legs

Accessory: Denim look-a-like carry-all


Day 214: Sunday 29 November

November 29, 2009

Yesterday’s playful play-suited shenanigans are little more than a fading memory I am looking back on with nostalgia as I prepare myself for the brutalities of the capitalist work place.

Yes, I am off to work this morning. Luckily Sundays are considered mufti day. Although really I dress like every day’s either mufti day or a double denim fancy dress party.

Before work I am dipping myself in the denim blue of the ocean, so no more prattle. I’m in a hurry.

Abducted by aliens and turned into one of their pencil necked, big headed kind. Don't worry, no anal probes were used in the production of this image

Top: Semi-smart Moji denim shirt

Bottom: Old, faded Levi’s flares with massive turn ups

Accessory 1: Dark grey denim cap

Accessory 2: Mavi bag

Day 213: Saturday 28 November

November 28, 2009

With a busy busy boating schedule this morning I simply did not have time ’til now to blog the YoD.

I was too busy enjoying the delights of Sydney Harbour, choking on a rich blend of diesel and  prawn juice which I managed to spatter all over myself.

All in all I still managed to look real pretty and playful as today’s denim pic displays…

Playfully in my playsuit I scan the Manly skyline for playmates

Top & Bottom combo: Last scene stunning the crowds in Noosa, the deim playsuit makes it’s debut on Sydney’s play ground, the harbour

Accessory: Dragstar large denim sun hat, which my niece decided should not spend any time on my head. Rather it should be swum out to sea and dumped. I’m not sure if this was a fashion intervention on her behalf or simply sassiness


Day 212: Friday 27 November

November 27, 2009

Wow. It’s warming up and I have discovered a pair of shorts I have yet to wear. Like many other items of clothing I own they are just a little too snug round the waist.

(Sighing wistfully) If I only had a waist.

Another exciting thing is that today’s photo is one of my favourites so far.

Not only does it prove for once and all that I have absolutely no arse, the picture also suggests I may be an amputee.

So without further ado here I am…

One leg + no arse = hot patootie


Top: Dragstar vest

Bottom: My bottom (if that’s what you’d call it) is encased in never-before-worn on YoD Think Mink denim shorts

Accessory: Denim sparkly bucket hat offering no protection when I am at the beach later on

Day 211: Thursday 26 November

November 26, 2009

Another action packed and adventuresome morning in the YoD.

Beach, breakfast, broads, boobs and bikinis.

What an enviable life I lead, apart from the fact I can’t find a flatmate who will put up with the YoD.

I find it impossible to believe denim is not to everyone’s taste. What’s not to like about denim?

Denim is classy and trashy
Denim is stylish and bogan
Denim is hot and cold
Denim is short and long
Denim is old and new
Denim is ugly and pretty
Denim is black and white
Denim is red, white and blue

Denim is everything!

Bondi, boobs, man boobs, worker's tan and me

Top: It was fine while it was cool this morning but now it’s midday the MSK dark denim vest is super dooper sweaty

Bottom: TopGirl denim roll up shorts

Accessory 1: Shoulder bag

Accessory 2: Dark denim cap, like me and the vest, now too hot to handle

Day 210: Wednesday 25 November

November 25, 2009

I’m up and that’s a good thing. The sun is peeking out and I think I will ride my bike and wear my denim helmet today. Of course I have forgotten to take a photo of me in the helmet. If you have can’t remember how good it looks check this out

Otherwise I am wearing this…

Blue framed by green should always be seen

Top: Ladakh striped denim jacket, light weight, chic, now if now is yesterday

Bottom: Not worn in ages Levi’s flares. Gunna have to roll them up or tuck them into my socks for the bike ride

Accessory 1: Denim shoulder bag, much used, much loved

Accessory 2: Denim gym boots. Cheap version of the rockin’ Levi’s denim shoes currently around and that I am too cheap to pay full price for

While I am on the subject of denim bags, I haven’t bought a new denim bag in months. Surely I cannot already own every type of denim bag?

I know this cannot be true because of a discussion I had with a Vietnamese check-out chick.

She was admiring the denim bag I was sporting and she told me in Vietnam denim bags made out of an old pair of jeans are very popular right now.

This is an item I need. I might even have to make it myself.

Lookout Mum, I’m coming over with some new denim sewing ideas!

Day 209: Tuesday 24 November

November 24, 2009

I don’t mind early rising if the sun is shining. A grey drab overcast early morning ruins my blog picture.

So yes, the weather, like everything else, is all about YoD.

Another exciting occurrence is this amazing moving postcard I recieved all the way from Fatty boomsticks in Tokyo. A Verner Panton postcard that is slightly 3D.  Spectacular!

Are you jealous HRH? I know I would be…

So today I am paying respect to the master of design Mr Panton by dressing in a material synonymous with his era… polyester.

Plastic fantastic polyester denim ensemble + furry poltergeist

Top: It’s new but is styled old, stretch denim Blockout coat

Bottom: Original from the early 1970s is my guess, polyester Levi’s. Aaahhhh. Sweaty

Accessory: New this year denim shoulder bag with fluoro decals Verner Panton would have approved of