Day 188: Tuesday 3 November

The word on the street is that today, like me, is going to be hot hot hot.

I will be spending most of the day immersed in air conditioning set to an icy 22 degrees. I suppose I am lucky I have decided that it’s the Year of Denim rather than the Year of Chiffon or the Year of Polyester (although some might say I have lived many Years of Polyester).

But the hot weather does give me the chance to bust out a new short sleeved shirt. Nice


I pose just so, Taxi admires my shoes

Top: VG (Very Good?!?) denim press stud buttoned short sleve shirt. Who said summer is going to be tough??

Bottom: Gap loaners or donators? I can’t recall

Accessory: Mavi shoulder bag, just out of view


14 Responses to Day 188: Tuesday 3 November

  1. petenel says:

    The outfit that stops the nation, that first Tuesday in November?

    I must say Taxi does seem interested in/intimidated by the ‘tropical growth pustule’ stylings of today’s sandal. Like my mX home-girl Elsa of Cent Park we’re all thankful that they’re not those ‘indian shoes’ you see ‘some girls” wearing.

  2. raquel says:

    ok so I don’t get of the Ville much – but what “Indian shoes” was she referring too?? I can’t think of any in fashion shoe that would fit. Maybe we just don’t get “some girls” in the Ville

  3. raquel says:

    No- I understand that Petenel (a man ) was refering to the MX. I just I didn’t know what “Elisa from Cennential Park” (the ‘she’ referred to above) was referring to. I can’t recall see hordes of slappers where “Indian shoes”

    • Year of Denim says:

      What do you think they are “those indian shoes”??!!??

      • Year of Denim says:

        Look and let me know

      • petenel says:

        I am A Man and ‘ve been doing some research, wandering the streets of CPark eyes to the footpath a-la the Baltimore Stomper, staring at ‘girls’ feet. Do you think I can locate anything like an Indian shoe? No I cant is the answer.

        Altho it is the day that stops the nation wearing anything except sexy lady pumps, so probably not the best day for it …

      • Year of Denim says:

        So in your mind sex lady pumps and Indian shoes can never be the same thing?
        And has all that feet staring turned you into a shrimper?

        I suspect Taxi might be one.
        Not only does she stare at my feet (as captured in today’s photo), sometimes she licks them and often she sits on them.
        I suspect Taxi gets much pleasure from these activities.

      • Year of Denim says:

        And How did YOUR sexy lady pumps go?
        Sore feet?

  4. raquel says:

    well I am leaving the house today so I hope to run into some- cause I can say I’ve noticed

  5. raquel says:

    What!!! how did we get from Indian shoes (of which I did not see any- porno high heels and roman sandals and very short dress a-plenty) to cum sucking ass???

    • Year of Denim says:

      Shrimper, in my understanding, is toe sucking.
      Like you, I was intrigued by these new fangled ass sucking definitions.

  6. HRH says:

    I think this is the hottest look yet…The short sleeve suits you, the hair cut… the jeans… all get ticks… I am not looking at the shoes… having existed as an ankle roller I would not give them a second look

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