Day 192: Saturday 7 November

After a night of massive food and alcohol consumption we did manage to get up quite early and make it to Brooklyn in time for the 8:37am train. Which was cancelled.

Not to worry, there’s a courtesy bus, which Jack politely and foolishly tried to pay for once we arrived at Cowan.


I started out looking perky, I finished looking pruney

Top: Lee denim shirt. I wore it from about 7am till about 9.30am, then from about 2.30pm until bedtime

Bottom: Love Your Denims looking quite clean at this stage

Accessory: Denim visor, worn ALL day, guaranteed

Somehow we negotiated the trickiest part of the walk: how to get across the train tracks at Cowan while there’s track work in progress.

Then we were off over the freeway and down into some lovely gullies and valleys and rocks and trees and flowers and and and… leeches. Bluech.

Eventually we made it down to Jerusalem Bay, where we had a swim, some of us Sirens style, some of us more modestly clad.


The call of the siren is irresistable

Then the real walking began. Up, up, up and up, eventually onto a fire trail that we followed all the way back to Brooklyn, some 5 hours after we started from Cowan. The last part was a bit boring, not helped by all of us running out of water (stupid) about 1-1/2 hours from the end.

We staggered into the Angler’s Rest at Brooklyn and each downed about a litre of water and a beer before heading back to Mangrove Creek for more food and booze.

Geez some of the walk was lovely. Lots of wild flowers were still out. It was green from the rain, not too hot, and there weren’t many others on the trail. One bloke coming back the other way told us he had run most of the way to Brooklyn, and was taking it a bit easer on the way back to Cowan. Braggard.


Some wild flowers and a dead bug, all beautiful


4 Responses to Day 192: Saturday 7 November

  1. HRH says:

    I couldn’t believe that dude was on his way BACK when we met him.
    Not a drop of sweat.
    It was a good walk and we were lucky with the weather… You could have road tested your new outfit in Jerusalem Bay!!!!!!!

  2. holdan says:

    it looks like that bug is wearing jewellery.

  3. Offman says:


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