Day 193: Sunday 8 November


If you feel uncomfortable seeing me with not a lot on then do not read this blog. I promise no nudity, but I don’t promise good taste… back to the blog

Today was very drizzly and humid up at Mangrove Creek.

After yesterday’s mega exertion I was taking it pretty easy today. Just a quiet bit of pruning, a bit of a wander around, then resting, some more eating (and drinking) before packing up and heading back to Sydney.

When I got home I collapsed, before finally rousing myself to hit the blog.


Dog tired and the dog is too

Top: Fletcher Jeans jacket. I guiltily admit it was first time today I had worn a denim top… it was 5.30pm!!

Bottom: From where I’m sitting the ‘Love Your Denim’ jeans are disgustingly filthy with food, smoke and sweat

Accessory: Aaaah, my feet luxuriate in the comfort of the denim birkenstocks

If you look closely at the picture above you will see my head resting on something. Something denim, something in 3 parts, something long promised and threatened. Something I needed and finally received.


This denim-in-three-parts gift looks better from behind, IMHO

What do you think friends are for?

There are times I suspect the role of friends is to make fun of you, tease you, perhaps even humiliate you and laugh at you. Why else would a friend give me a denim thong?

I acknowledge the thong is well crafted but does anyone honestly think I’d be caught dead on Bondi Beach, or any other beach,  with 90% of my arse hanging out???

One of the other parts of this 3 part gift is a beautifully made pair of denim shorts, so useful, so cute.

The final part, which you can see from the picture above, is a denim bikini top.

Having spent my entire adolescence with scabs on my chest from where my bikini strings chafed I am not sure how frequently or for how long I can wear the denim bikini top.

It’s exquisitely made in an incredibly thick, inflexible, non-stretch denim. Just looking at it makes my nipples wince.

However I have promised a giver of the gift, that I will get a picture of me in this outfit, on my surfboard ASAP, scabs or not! Chafed or smooth, irritated or just plain uncomfortable, it’s the giving that counts and while it is provocative, this is one of the most thoughtful YOD gifts I have yet to recieve.

So thanks to all those who contributed: the unknown (to me) seamstress, Monsieur BB and of course HRH.


13 Responses to Day 193: Sunday 8 November

  1. HRH says:

    You had 100% of your arse hanging out in Jerusalem Bay…
    And a nice arse it is too!

  2. holdan says:

    that is freaking awesome! way to rock it polkers

  3. white tie says:

    Hi Jane

    Hey, you look like one of the girls from the Playboy Mansion in that g-string. What about some fabric softener for that top before you hit the beach? Or as HRH would advise, a good old fashion nail brush would do the trick with those wincing nipples.

    I guess the real question is why were you not wearing the outfit during the whole trip?

    White tie

    • Year of Denim says:

      Thanks for the nipple tip.
      As I ask in my blog, what are friends for?
      Friends are to make you suffer while they laugh at you. A statement that is born out by your comment.

  4. petenel says:

    Eye-popping. Felch-tastic. Vavavoom. Karen carpenter might have sang if she’d lithped : Thing, thing a thong.

    • Year of Denim says:

      Anyway. Have you heard that aesome song The Thong Song by Sisco (one hit wonder)? It’s terrific, adn it’s about me.
      Let me see your thong tha’ tha’ tha’ tha’, thong

      • petenel says:

        The Thong Song? Of course … they did an AWESOME version of it on GLEE last week, in a bridal gown.
        I just thought Thing A Thong was i dont know … funnier?

        Coming back for a second look at this ensemble – goodness its beyond felchtastic …. almost bukak-e-licious.

      • Year of Denim says:

        Is bukake-licious a compliment or just gross?
        I can’t tell.
        But I can assure you I do not want any ‘bukake’ on my new denim bikini thank you very very much!

  5. raquel says:

    Maybe you could line the top with a softer material- but it will be awful when wet so maybe its just for poolside?
    cool gift though- so glad YOD managed to add this essential item to the inventory.

  6. Offman says:

    Baby go all the way!

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