Day 200: Sunday 15 November

Another landmark has been reached in the Year of Denim: 200 days of triple denim wearing without a break or respite.

Is this a Guinness World Record? Somebody do the research! I can’t! I’m too busy breaking records!

It would be reasonable to think that I had something planned for this momentous occasion. But I don’t. I had intended to throw a double denim bbq but life got in the way. And that very same life means that today, rather than celebrating 200 days of denim, I am sorting through my possessions.

Not to worry. I still look gooooorgeous.

I don’t think I gave my new Mum-made vest enough of a plug yesterday so I am wearing it again, this time with a close-up so it can be seen in glorious detail…


Denim & dog vision by the glorious Cooks River. Pic: AK

Top: Mum-made black denim vest with red stitching. Sweet

Bottom: JeansWest black n bleached denim mini, also with red stitching, so now I’m wearing a twin set!

Accessory 1: Denim Birkenstocks, comfort AND style, although many would debate the ‘style’ part of that statement

Accessory 2: Mavi denim bag. I was too lazy to unpack it from yesterday


Vested interest in wearing this vest

Thanks Mum. Now let’s get on to making me a denim suit!

Although yesterday, with all the pecking through posessions, a rare fake denim item was unearthed. An item I thought I had flogged at a market months before the idea of YoD had germinated. Something so precious my regret at THINKING I had sold it was a bottomless well of remorse.

What IS it I hear the denim hordes and fashion frenzied ask???

A fake patchwork denim polyester OR crimpolene (either way mega nasty) short sleeved suit!!

If the humidity lifts between now and Christmas I’ll wear it.

Even though it is a suit somehow I don’t think it’s suitable office wear. It is super tempting to wear it to work because the office has air con, unlike the sweat box where I am blogging from. Has anyone tried wearing a polyester suit in 100% humidity? It ain’t gunna be pretty. But worse is it ain’t gunna smell pretty.


3 Responses to Day 200: Sunday 15 November

  1. HRH says:

    does sound like a definite must do…
    and perfect for office wear….
    how can you not work at the cutting edge on contemporary journalism and not have a sweat patch under bother arms and groin…

  2. Penny Polkinghorne says:

    hink that you did most of the sewing, but I still think it needs the pockets or a red button. That’s a very ‘mumsy” comment. Looks good.
    Ready for the next lesson, a suit in denim?
    Your Mum

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