Day 204: Thursday 19 November

Back to work today after a week around the house. I’m relieved as it is gunna get super hot today. No air con at home, but always a sublime bordering on freezing 22 degrees at the coal face.

So I’ve dressed light in a nice new (thanks Lifeline) chambre neo 80s style zippered vest. Ahhh denim. There’s always something new out there waiting for me to buy it.

In another denim first a kindly interstate YoD watcher sent me some lovely denim court shoes, so beautiful they are only on loan.

So special are these shoes I will be building an outfit around them, breaking one of my self imposed rules of no embroidery, cos these litle numbers have a sweet embroided flower motif. But first I have to buy that certain outfit that will bring these shoes to life.

Back to the charity shops for me, hurrah!

Backyard deadly denim stare. Be afraid

Top: Brand new on this blog never seen before Ivy chambre vest. At last cham-fucking-bre! I can stand wearing!!

Bottom: Denim Co. short legged, long crotched, weirdly waisted jeans

Accessory: Denim shoulder bag, no brand but completely awesome


4 Responses to Day 204: Thursday 19 November

  1. HRH says:

    Such a grim face…
    Must be time for a Pocahontas adventure… Popran creek etc

  2. petenel says:

    Just back from Victoria, Australia. I wore a nice Jean on QFwotsit on Day 200, but crazily I lost my spex on the goshdarned T-Jet so frankly the whole State was a little lacking in close-up detail.

    From my long-distance observation it appeared to have laneways for miles but little in the way of cutting edge denim initiatives.

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