Day 205: Friday 20 November

I bet you didn’t know that I’m a lady.

Granted I have hairy legs, and as my niece pointed out to me, short hair (in her eyes that makes me a boy). My general demeanour, heightened fashion sensibility, a sparing use of make-up and an incredible range of ladylike accessories all scream She’s a LADYYY!!!!!

And my denim do today just confirms the lady prognosis because I’m dressed in …

See me…


From the top of my head to the tips of my toes I'm a lady



Top: VG jeans press stud shirt

Bottom: Recently donated denim ‘n lace skirt courtesy of Pipes, it’s French! Brand called Sinequanone

Accessory 1: Chanel loaner handbag. See I really AM a lady

Accessory 2: Gifted denim sandals, spotted and half purchased by DaHo

Thanks for all the donations and denim gifts. Denim really does bring out the best in people and I really AM a lady…


12 Responses to Day 205: Friday 20 November

  1. HRH says:

    Gonna be hot… could be over dressed… shoulda worn da three piece

  2. Beaver says:

    Gosh your getting glamourous miss!!! Chanel whew who’d of thought! Even I wouldn’t do Chanel… love the shoes, i’ll be purchasing those at the end. xx

  3. HRH says:

    Pant Pant

    Are you rehearsing for the Twilight Years… pant pant…

  4. petenel says:

    Grrrr Tom, pant pant indeed. He sure knew how to work a hi-waisted flared pant.

    As to the denim and lace, as Marty said you’d look good in anything altho not sure that is necessarily a compliment….

    • Year of Denim says:

      Tom is very pant pant tres pant pant sexy pants.
      And why is You’d look good in anything not a compliment?

      • petenel says:

        Well its def a compliment to you, but not necessarily to That Skirt. As in you even look good in that appalling lace trimmed thing ..

      • Year of Denim says:

        It is a shocker, you are right.
        But a work colleague donated it so I thought I HAD to wear it at last once.
        My duty has been done. I need never wear THAT skirt again.
        But as denim & lace goes it is not actually THE most revolting thing I’ve seen.
        In fact I am going to make it my mission to find the penultimate denim n lace combo.

  5. Offman says:

    Did you get lucky?

  6. Beaver says:

    I think your being too harsh…..i thought that when you showed it to me in person, perhaps you need to explore your inner Holly Hobby miss……afterall there is a lot of lace around these days re the 80s Madonna revival, perhaps your cutting edge and just don’t know it!

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