Day 206: Saturday 21 November

Busy busy. I’ve been up and to the beach for  a swim, for a cafe breakfast, walked the dog, washed the dog AND car and done a load of washing all before midday.

All of that activity is procrastination.

There’s something I have been avoiding, something heinous and time consuming, revolting AND tedious.

What is this task so vile I haven’t spoken about it or mentioned it previously on the YoD blog?


Oh well. The one redeeming feature of marking is that I can comfortably wear a denim short while I mark, unlike assessment. Pant pant… Cos it’s steamy again.

Woops. Unmarked marking discovered on studio floor

Top: Mum’s black denim vest, quite dykey in this combo

Bottom: TopGirl dyed blue denim shorts. Aaahhhh shorts

Accessory: Denim Birkies, nice ‘n sweaty


3 Responses to Day 206: Saturday 21 November

  1. Offman says:

    Wow! Theres something biting in your expression. Great shorts…

  2. petenel says:

    I didn’t know you had Harbour views there in Mville. Such a gay regatta sailing by ..

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