Day 207: Sunday 22 November




Thankfully I have a disaster movie to go to later on, where instead of being boiling it will be freezing. Not quite sure how I am going to manage the 2 climates.  I can barely stand wearing today’s chambre twin set.

My Queensland Christmas tour in denim is starting to look like a really stupid idea. Why didn’t I book a flight to to Tasmania? If I get those health problems related to wearing too tight hot clothes I will only have yself to blame.

What I need is some nice fake denim but cotton singlets and shorts to get me through it. But do they exist, or am I going to have to get Mum to help sew me something? And could I wear those 2 items for 3 weeks straight?

So many questions and it’s too hot to think.

Muesli, a cup of tea and Video Hits, must be Sunday

Top: Thank the deity for Supre’s range of denim not denim, including this vest, altough it feels too heavy right now

Bottom: Donated Cotton On chambre shorts in desperate need of washing but I NEED them as they are the lightest weight bottoms I have. Might slip into a skirt for the movie later

Accessory: Denim birkies. Hot n sweaty, bluech


7 Responses to Day 207: Sunday 22 November

  1. raquel says:

    love this shot

  2. holdan says:

    ok now not too sweaty. love the pic. so relaxed and natural.

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