Day 208: Monday 23 November

Hurrah, a cool change has come through.

This is awesome in 2 ways:

1. I can wear jeans and not die of heat exhaustion

2. I can finally wear my brand new from the boutique de Pauls long alluded to denim trench coat.


P.I Jam is undercover and on the case


Top: So cool, so chic Levi’s denim trench coat

Bottom: Industrie skinny leg jeans

Accessory: denim shoulder bag with infamous red piping


16 Responses to Day 208: Monday 23 November

  1. HRH says:

    Secret Squirrel…
    The coat is great…
    Can see lots of opportunity for the D’Ville flasher…

    • Year of Denim says:

      But I don’t really want to get arrested before the end of YoD.
      Somehow I think blogging from prison might be tricky.

      • phil turnbull says:

        but they’d have lots of denim in prison, right? or maybe that was only back in the 70s?

      • Year of Denim says:

        They might have denim in prison but do they have wireless internet access, digital cameras and laptops????
        The blog must go on!

  2. HRH says:

    One way to find out….

    • Year of Denim says:

      Get arrested for flashing? Is that what you are suggesting?
      Why don’t I murder someone and have under-age sex while I’m at it.

  3. White tie says:

    Too hot on Sunday and too cool on Monday. I think the g-string needs another outing with trench coat.

    • Year of Denim says:

      I think you are right about the denim g-string/ trench coat combo, but I don’t think my conservative workplace is quite the venue.
      Plus I would really need some 6″ stilettos to complete that outfit…

  4. spiegel says:

    pssst, the dark sparrow flies quickly over the willow at sunset

  5. t.x says:

    Top look babe! love the matching accessories, scarf n glasses

  6. Offman says:

    That coat is fabulous, you need a cigarette holder and a denim beret, and maybe denim pom pom, or flower…

  7. t.x says:

    you need a video

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