Day 211: Thursday 26 November

Another action packed and adventuresome morning in the YoD.

Beach, breakfast, broads, boobs and bikinis.

What an enviable life I lead, apart from the fact I can’t find a flatmate who will put up with the YoD.

I find it impossible to believe denim is not to everyone’s taste. What’s not to like about denim?

Denim is classy and trashy
Denim is stylish and bogan
Denim is hot and cold
Denim is short and long
Denim is old and new
Denim is ugly and pretty
Denim is black and white
Denim is red, white and blue

Denim is everything!

Bondi, boobs, man boobs, worker's tan and me

Top: It was fine while it was cool this morning but now it’s midday the MSK dark denim vest is super dooper sweaty

Bottom: TopGirl denim roll up shorts

Accessory 1: Shoulder bag

Accessory 2: Dark denim cap, like me and the vest, now too hot to handle


2 Responses to Day 211: Thursday 26 November

  1. HRH says:

    Is that a bit of brand promotion with the DJs bag strategically placed?

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