Day 213: Saturday 28 November

With a busy busy boating schedule this morning I simply did not have time ’til now to blog the YoD.

I was too busy enjoying the delights of Sydney Harbour, choking on a rich blend of diesel and  prawn juice which I managed to spatter all over myself.

All in all I still managed to look real pretty and playful as today’s denim pic displays…

Playfully in my playsuit I scan the Manly skyline for playmates

Top & Bottom combo: Last scene stunning the crowds in Noosa, the deim playsuit makes it’s debut on Sydney’s play ground, the harbour

Accessory: Dragstar large denim sun hat, which my niece decided should not spend any time on my head. Rather it should be swum out to sea and dumped. I’m not sure if this was a fashion intervention on her behalf or simply sassiness



11 Responses to Day 213: Saturday 28 November

  1. raquel says:

    that hat looks good- the wider brim works for you- is it gone?

  2. holdan says:

    at last! the playsuit returns!

  3. pb says:

    Who’s that girl !

  4. spiegel says:

    yay, playsuit!

  5. Offman says:

    Lucky she didn’t throw you in!

  6. HRH says:

    Should have teamed that outfit up with those denim heels…
    Very glam boatwear attire!

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