Day 214: Sunday 29 November

Yesterday’s playful play-suited shenanigans are little more than a fading memory I am looking back on with nostalgia as I prepare myself for the brutalities of the capitalist work place.

Yes, I am off to work this morning. Luckily Sundays are considered mufti day. Although really I dress like every day’s either mufti day or a double denim fancy dress party.

Before work I am dipping myself in the denim blue of the ocean, so no more prattle. I’m in a hurry.

Abducted by aliens and turned into one of their pencil necked, big headed kind. Don't worry, no anal probes were used in the production of this image

Top: Semi-smart Moji denim shirt

Bottom: Old, faded Levi’s flares with massive turn ups

Accessory 1: Dark grey denim cap

Accessory 2: Mavi bag


12 Responses to Day 214: Sunday 29 November

  1. holdan says:

    work? today? well, it is air conditioned.

  2. petenel says:

    Hey Alien Lady, I see youre wearing spotlights for earrings.

    On your planet is it just Fashion, OR is this the means used to brainwash earthlings into submitting nonsense comments on internets and blogsites and so forth? Worked on me

    As Karen C sang in “Calling Occupants”
    You close your eyes, you concentrate
    Together that’s the way
    To send the message
    We declare world contact day
    Perhaps shes referring to Day 214?

    Note to self: Stop staring at alien spotlight earrings.

  3. spiegel says:

    love this one. very carnaby street

  4. spiegel says:

    here are two swinging clips from the 60s because that’s what you reminded me of. ok, no one is in triple denim. no one looks even remotely like you, but they are its the vibe of the thing. and they are very groovy, although i suspect petula clark’s crips enunciation was not exactly hip at the time.

  5. pb says:

    Lucky for you, your not floating off the coast of Australia.
    Or you would be in trouble little alien lady.

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