Day 246: Thursday 31 December 2009

December 31, 2009

The last day of the year and I’m here. In Lismore. I’m about to head off to beach as there is a spot of sunshine after a week of rain.

Having just perused the last week of YoD blogs I realise it hasn’t been much of a travelogue. Maybe I’ll attempt to be a little more touristy and  a little less denimy over the next few days. I’m sure there are millions of readers who would be fascinated by my holiday in northern NSW.

Oh and happy new years eve everyone. Party like it’s 2009. I will be. Tropical Fruits here I come!

Red + blue denim + ceiling stare

Top: Same as yesterday only probably with some bonus pasta sauce artfully splashed on it, Ivy chambre vest

Bottom: TopGirl denim shorts slowly filling up with sweat

Accessory: Denim cap making it’s way back to Sydney

If  I get excited enough and I think my outfit is exciting enough I MAY update my blog with a Tropical Fruits denim. However as it’s supposed to rain and it’ll therefore by muddy I might just be in denim shorts and denim vesty thing so there MAY not be much to show off.

Friday’s update for Thursday

I went to the beach at Ballina, got some tanning going on, met up with an old work mate trhen stoppedin at BAllina’s most famous icon, The Big Prawn, which unfortunately is about to be demolished. I wanted to get a fridge magnet, but they have sold out of all their Big Prawn souveniers, which is almost as sad as the Prawn getting smashed up.

Me and The Prawn enjoy a quiet moment together reminiscing over old times like when I thankfully bought a cloth patch 14 years ago


And then I went back nto my mate Graeme’s place, had a kip, had some dinner, got dressed and went out out OUT

So clean, so tidy, so dry. See the stunning results of a night at Tropical Fruits in tomorrow's blog. Rubie gives me the only tongue I got all night


Day 245: Wednesday 30 December

December 30, 2009

Exciting times. It’s the day before the day that’s the last day of the year, and YoD is on the move.

Yep, I’m heading south where the op shops are cheap and cheery (although no excellent boozy Santas EVER!) and it never stops raining.

On my way south I have scheduled a stop on the Gold Coast because I want to go op shopping on  the Isle of Capri. That’s a bit of a lie, I’d be happy op shopping just about anywhere. Even Nambour. And really, I’m visiting a friend who has returned after sailing all around the world with 2 kids and even more incredibly a husband!

Here’s my ‘Farewell Queensland’ look…

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go, I'm standing here outside your door, babe I hate to go...

Top: I’m getting bored of my few denim tops. Ivy chambre vest

Bottom: How many more times over the next week will I have to wear this JeansWest skirt!!??

Accessory: Denim birkies starting to chafe from over wearing

Day 244: Tuesday 29 December

December 29, 2009

Well. I have searched all of the Sunshine Coast’s op shops high and low and have come away with 2 new denim jackets (which CANNOT be worn here now coz you’d melt into a pool of denim like the wicked witch of the west), a Dolly Parton gate fold album with 3 incredible boobie corsetty pictures of her on it, and 2 books.

Oh, and the denim hot pants I am wearing today. That’s hot as in I’m sweating like crazy in them, not hot as in check out my arse cheeks.

Tomorrow I start heading south to The Wok.

Here’s my adventure in denim today…

Me and the tree

Top: Supre sweat filled vest. I know I’m soaking in it

Bottom: ‘Off Limits’ denim fisherman pants with rather labia like folds in the front

Accessory 1: Denim visor

Accessory 2: Denim birkenstocks slowly getting more and more sodden

As part of my op shop tour of Nambour today I came across quite a Christmas display, especially if you like Santa drunk and lying on a bench with a sexy lady elf off-sider…

Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum ... Santa has a lie down

Meanwhile Santa’s perky Lady Elf takes command of Christmas…

Sexy Lady Elf with bonus cape looks on disapprovingly

I was trying to figure out exactly WHAT was going on with Santa, so I moved in for a closer look, which wasn’t very enlightening…

Santa really looks like he's sleeping one off. This is enhanced by the life-like booze blooms all over his face

Day 243: Monday 28 December

December 28, 2009

Is it hot in here or is it me?

Sweat trickling down my back, legs all slimey, stinky armpits. Hmmm, must be Queensland in summer.

It’s kinda damp today and I can’t decide whether to walk the Noosa headland today or wait until my lighter weight shorts are dry. Yep. I’m all about the big issues here on YoD.

Down in the dumps with the dogs, Kenny and Taxi

Top: Ivy chambre vest, grubby as…

Bottom: TopGirl denim shorts, and yes it is definitely hot in them

Accessory: Denim visor

Day242: Sunday 27 December

December 27, 2009

I’ve been to Brisbane and now I’m back.

I met my girl posse, saw some art, most of it pretty dreary, moped around Brisbane trying to find the action, ate some dreadful food, drank two of the most awful coffees ever, had a few drinks and snacks down by the river, met a couple of special ladies, and… well that just about covers my Brisbane experience.

IS there anything more unforgivable than dreary art? Artistically blogging I think not. The big art show I visited in Brisbane was the Asia Pacific Triennale. It was very clean, and that’s unforgivable too. Dirt, mess, filth, anything but clean and tidy. It all looked like art, which meant it was boring.

The piece I liked the best was a video work in 2 parts by the Chinese artist Qiu Anxiong, an animation made from his black and white paintings and drawings about, well, everything.

In the Queensland Art Gallery there was an amazing show about bark cloth in the Pacific, including about 6 incredible white mask/ sculptures with black and red designs. Blew my mind, I went back to have a look three times, which I DIDN’T for the ATP.


Here’s what I wore in and leaving Brisbane today…

The ferris wheel goes round and round all the day long

Top: Super snug fit denim shirt, label? Can’t be bothered taking it off to check

Bottom: Rusty chambre shorts, one wear and they’re filthy. Again

Accessory: Dark denim cap

Thanks to HRH for her soft photography skills today…

My new best giant statue lady friend whsipers sweet nothings in my ear while wearing my denim cap

Silver lady, what's your name?

Day 241: Saturday 26 December

December 26, 2009

Phew, Christmas is over and I made it through alive, even more excitingly, without a hangover.

So I’m off to Brisbane today to drink something called and ‘Orange Bramble’. Does anyone have any idea what that is?

I might look at some art too. There’s supposed to be some kind of sculpture art show on. Hopefully there will be a little handicraft as well, coz life ain’t worth living without a little crochet.

Leaving the rainy Sunshine Coast for the bright lights of Brisvegas

Leaving the rainy Sunshine Coast for the bright lights of Brisvegas

Top: Ivy chambre vest, still not dirty!

Bottom: JeansWest denim skirt bought on my last visit to the Sunshine Coast

Accessory 1: Mavi denim bag

Accessory 2: Denim cap… it’s been to Sydney and now it’s back at it’s place of origin, Peregian

Day 240: Friday 25 December

December 25, 2009

Friday 25 December.

I do believe that’s Christmas Day, which you should be able to tell by the new page header image.

I have eaten and drunk a lot so it must be true coz normally I wouldn’t do either of those things… drink OR eat heaps, or blog after eating and drinking a bulk.

However I am blogging with a beer in a stubby holder next to me while the plum pudding is bubbling away on the stove.

Christmas had been good to me. I got more JEG-fuk’n-GINGS!!! Yes jeggings for Christmas.

These ones are top quality. They have REAL pockets, not those pseudo stitched pockets. I can put my wallet in these pockets, or my hand or someone else’s hand, or my ciggies or you know… whatever.

So you know, have an ace Christmas Day, although it is nearly done here on the Sunshine Coast, enjoy everything and try to wear a shade of denim cos you know you’ll feel better.

As you will see below I feel better for wearing denim in 30 degree heat. Truthfully, I think I look a little dazed and confused, but honestly compared to everyone else, I really don’t look too bad. Really, I don’t. No honestly I look awesome.

Me + jeggings + crochet Xmas decorations + tinsel = good times

Top: Chambre Supre Xmas vesty

Bottom: Brand new jeggings, only a little crotchey and hardly camel toe-y at all

Accessory: Denim birkies