Day 219: Friday 4 December


I really should have done this last night but I fart arsed around taking the photo then I  rushed off to meet my drinking gal pal. And  don’t I regret that right now…

Looking quite smart actually

Top: Marcs glittery denim jacket

Bottom: First outing for white Spykar denim flares donated by RqO

Accessory: Look carefully at my right hand and you can spy a denim cuff


Oh happy days.

At last, I have a pair of chambre shorts. Summer is suddenly looking a little more comfy and a whole lot less sweaty.

In more good news I’m off to the beach for 2 of Sydney’s favourite activities:  surfing and real estate perusal.

Check back this afternoon for an evening wear update. It’s the work Christmas party and I SHOULD wear something denim special. But then again who cares?

Hangin' tuff in the spare room

Top: Dragstar snug as denim vest. One day I’ll reveal the welts under my arms I get every time I wear this vest. Fashion IS painful

Bottom: (To be said in Twiggly style accent ala America’s Next Top Model) I look like a model in these Rusty  chambre shorts

Accessory: Sportsgirl denim cap


11 Responses to Day 219: Friday 4 December

  1. HRH says:

    The shorts are great.
    But what will you be wearing tomorrow to the Red Rattler?

  2. raquel says:

    I like the new short too but that hat doesn’t suit the outfit- or maybe its just that hat style doesn’t suit you so much.
    you planning on leaving the ville?

    • Year of Denim says:

      Admit it.
      You just hate the buckeyt hats!
      You and PeteNEl should get a IHateBucketHats user group up and running.

  3. holdend says:

    I care!

  4. Offman says:

    Me too I care more than you will ever know, and I LOVE the shorts. What is ‘chambre’ (bedroom?)

    • Year of Denim says:

      Chambre is an excellent light summer weight denim weave.
      And do you REALLY care what i wear to my work Christmas party?
      I don’t know if I can reciprocate those feelings….

  5. HRH says:

    ooooooh…. vurry vurry sensitive and prickly today…
    bucket hat sensible… you do look like you are stifling a yawn though….

    Pumpkin hour approaches… what will you be wearing Cinders to the grand ball tonight?

  6. Offman says:

    wow, one hot mama!

  7. tim h says:

    luvvvv seeing the evolution of your MODELLING prowess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that first ensemble is TOO SWISH FOR WORDS

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