Day 220: Saturday 5 December

Evening outfit update

I can’t believe I am going out. I can barely think let alone socialise.

However it’s a particular kind of event where I get to wear something very special. Something reminiscent of one of my favs, Angie Dickinson in Police Woman.

Angie sizzling in double denim

However Angie’s outfit seems to be a nice chambre, light weight, comfortable, cotton.

Mine is none of those things.

My outfit is thick polyester/nylon/ acrylic/ sweaty/ but oh so smart. And just the ticket for a blaxpoloitation themed event. I am pretending I am the white lady fuzz ala Angie.

Undercover honky in pure 100% fake denim

Top: Fake denim shirt/jacket perhaps I could call it a shacket?? It’s getting hot in here, I’m gunna take my clothes off, and put on some deodorant

Bottom: I rediscovered this fake denim suit a couple of weeks ago in the St Vincent de Paul bag. I thought I’d sold it at a market. Apparently $10 is too steep for a fake denim safari suit

Accessory 1: gym boots. Even these are uncomfortably sweaty

Accessory 2: Dark denim bag

If you don’t see me in this outfit, you will definitely smell me.




Those work Christmas parties sure can take it out of a girl.

Shabby as.

Mind is a blank too so I’ve got nothing to say because a picture tells 1000 words so the clich√© goes.

If I had something to say this is where I'd say it

Top: Made by Mum black denim vest

Bottom: Made in a sweatshop somewhere in China Levi’s flares

Accessory: Made in QLD denim cap


8 Responses to Day 220: Saturday 5 December

  1. pb says:

    the blank generation

  2. petenel says:

    Last nights pic: Clean white hi-fashion Role Model, an inspiration for Teens and all fans of neckerchiefs etc.
    Today: Poster-gal for The Booze And The Damage Done. Cautionary tale re the perils of Xmas parties. All it needs is a bucket hat.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. t.x says:

    you didnt tell me it was blaxploitation themed!

  4. Offman says:

    Too good, I need a suit like that, to encase my chubby body in!

  5. Year of Denim says:

    It is quite literally a sweat suit. Thrush is my freind every time I even consider wearing it.

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