Day 221: Sunday 6 December

Oh happy day.

I almost feel normal. Almost. Got a bit of a second wind last night and threw back a few beers. Make that 6 beers.

Woo hoo. It’s the silly season alright.

So here I am ruminating over what to do with my Christmas light extravaganza in the front yard.

Me and a bowl of fruit = detox

Top: Supre (thank you Jesus for Supre) vest

Bottom: Abercrombie & Finch daisy dukes

Accessory: Rounding off this vision in pale blue are the incredible jeans slides foot wear courtesy of the kindness of JHo


5 Responses to Day 221: Sunday 6 December

  1. Offman says:

    Tres cas, get any inspiration? I think you should do a giant pair of jeans, in blue lights!

  2. Year of Denim says:

    Of course you are right.
    A huge pair of pants is bound to thrill the neighbourhood.

  3. HRH says:

    you already have a burnt pair…

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