Day 222: Monday 7 December

Here’s a little something I forgot to mention about YoD’s Saturday. Of course I was quite hung-over and almost completely brainless which possibly explains why I overlooked mentioning it on Saturday.

So anyway. I attended this event…

The things you see in Marrickville

I’m still not sure what was happening. Apparently the fellow above is called Tino LaBamaba. And apparently he is riding to Lismore on that bike. Follow his astonishing journey and possible demise here…

Now on to today’s outstanding outfit.

I have decided to freshen YoD up by doing a week of gurning.

You don’t know what gurning is? See this page of friendly freaky faces and you’ll soon understand.

However, I don’t want to scare people off to quickly so I am  easing into the gurn state. I’m starting small and who knows where it will end?

Just a hint of gurn in this face

Top: Lee jeans distressed with red  thread shacket (quite different to a shomit)

Bottom: Jay Jays jeans jeans. Go the muffin!

Accessory: Outta sight but not outta mind, Mavi little denim shoulder bag


11 Responses to Day 222: Monday 7 December

  1. HRH says:

    Very attractive… the face that launched a thousand chips…

  2. Mayhem says:

    Gurning is GREAT! I reckon you should ad in appopriate experimental stimulii – like crabapples, unripe figs, crappy art opening goon etc.

  3. holdan says:

    no gurn for you polkers. yer too cute for that kind of activity

  4. petenel says:

    Gosh, Gurning is excellent … I for one am thrilled by this exciting new dimension to YOD. It seems to speak on many levels; including hi-brow (literally, look at the that gurning forehead) humour, deep horror and general non-specific interestingness.

    Thanks for everything.

    • Year of Denim says:

      If you have a gurn you think I should pull just let me know and I will try my best do it!
      I am just trying to give my devoted readers a little something extra, something to keep them coming back, wanting more, excited with anticipation at the next thrilling denim outfit coupled with a brand new gurn.

  5. HRH says:

    Dr Petenel offering an analysis of the self actualising benefits to gurning… I am waiting for the book… and I want an autograph…

  6. HRH says:

    well for starters I think you should at least pull the duck face gurn… and then do the Bela Lugosi for the follow up… but no need to remove your teeth… I think that is going too far for fashion…

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