Day 223: Tuesday 8 December

YoD’s Gurn Week: Day 2

Sheez. You YoD readers are getting value for your non-payments.

There is so much to look at it’s mind blowing.

I have had quite a bit of feedback about the week of gurning.

If you have a suggested face you think I should pull send in a comment and I will attempt to pull that face this week.

And today you get two gurns, because I decided, after taking the photos, that I couldn’t really wear my preferred outfit today. In act I’m not really sure WHEN I can wear it or where. No doubt an opportunity will rise where this item is the appropriate garment and no doubt that day will appear right here.

Gurn Week: Day 2

Bonus back and front gurn shot + undie glimpses

Top & Bottom combo: One Teaspoon pinafore mini. So mini you can see my undies, which, as you all know, with me being such a modest person, I just could not bring myself to wear to Bunnings today

Gurn: I call this the Zombie

So it was back to the wardrobe to scrounge for another outfit AND another gurn…

Gurn Week: Day 2

Gurn steps up a notch to shades of the Elephant Man

Top: Mum’s denim vest

Bottom: Perfect match with the JeansWest denim black ‘n bleach mini

Accessory: Going for grey all over dark grey denim cap

Gurn: Angry toothless granny gurn

Want a close-up? To bad, you’re getting one…

Gurn Week: Day 2

Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, gurn


9 Responses to Day 223: Tuesday 8 December

  1. Offman says:

    You are a superstar, this is living proof, and I think Mattel should make a barbie based on you.

  2. HRH says:

    Barbie’s bestie “Jambo”

  3. holdan says:

    wow. your getting stretchier every day

    • Year of Denim says:

      Now I look at it,today’s gurn seems like a slight variation on yesterday’s.
      I I shoulda redone the ‘zombie’ from today’s first outfit.

  4. petenel says:

    The pantie peek/zombie thing is gold medal gurning.

    Its a fine line between what we at Burraneer Bay Public School used to call a ‘spazz attack’ and a contemporary 21st century gurn.
    I think you walk that line with remarkable insight into our dark places and are to be both commended and feared.

  5. raquel says:


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