Day 224: Wednesday 9 December

YoD’s Gurn Week: Day 3

It’s an early morning gurn in denim today.

The beach is calling me for a pre-work swim, which in some ways sucks, cos I’m tired. The gurning is taking it out of me. It’s an added stress on top of the daily denim decision. Now I have to decide what to wear AND what to gurn!

And I have lost my iPod.  So if you find it let me know. It’s very distinctive. It’s white with music on it.

Gurn Week: Day 3

Early morning gurn, or am I just yawning?

Top: Benetton dark denim jacket

Bottom: Gap skinny long legs

Accessory: Two tone Mambo denim bag

Gurn: Zombie yawn

Here’s a full frontal of that gurn…

Eye rolling + tongue waving = real pretty


9 Responses to Day 224: Wednesday 9 December

  1. pb says:

    Were you on the 428 this morning!!!

    • Year of Denim says:

      Was there somone gurning at you?
      It was not me.
      Somebody is out there stealing my double denim + gurning enterprise.

  2. HRH says:

    That look will have a 100% success in chick pulling… no doubt about it.

  3. phil turnbull says:

    jeez, i get away to the big smoke for a couple of days without internets access and come back to something i’d never imagined. who’d a thunk it?

    • Year of Denim says:

      That Big Smoke is not very hi-tek.
      No internet!
      What kinda city is that?
      In your absence Yod has been drunk (twice) sung karaoke until hoarse, worn a mini skirt so mini YoD’s undies were visible AND gurned.

  4. Offman says:

    Gurning rules ok! Blue face! I want blue face!

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