Day 225: Thursday 10 December

YoD’s Gurn Week: Day 4

I’m off to Yum Cha today. However, for some foolish reason, rather than wearing the maternity jeans given to me with the statement “They are great for yum cha” I have gone for super snug fit jeans with bonus visible muffin because of a short shirt.

What a fool?!? Oh well. Maybe tight pants will halt the usual super gorge fest YoD revels in. Doubtful, but you never know.

In other news I am still furiously working on my very special Christmas light display. But shit keeps getting in the way. I’ll never get it done! Aaarrgghhh!

Pretty pre-yum-cha gurn posture

Top: VG Jeans prettily press studded ladies shirt, cos I’m a little bit cuntry and I’m a  little bit western

Bottom: Miss Sixty oh so tight shorty jeans with gut spill

Accessory: Itty bitty denim thongs

Gurn: It seems to me that I can’t gurn unless my eyes are rolled back in my head, so once again it’s zombie style. I’m calling it the Pretentious Zombie

Gurn + string art = zombie sophistication


6 Responses to Day 225: Thursday 10 December

  1. pb says:

    Jane I think your nose has turned into a blackhole.

    That or your turning into Kenneth Williams.

  2. Offman says:

    Super fabulousness. I think it’s time to start printing posters.

  3. raquel says:

    wow I go away for a week and come back and your a zombie!- this is the best gurn for me.

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