Day 227: Saturday 12 December

For someone who has had approximately 4 hours sleep I have been surprisingly active this morning.

Got up, walked, took dog for a walk, washed dog, watered garden, mulched garden, stole timber to assist in my Xmas spectacular, and now I’m blogging.

However I think I have peaked to soon, and now I need a little kip to keep me chipper, and get my brain right for the complex configuration of Christmas lights I am about to artfully install.

Garden + gurn+ gut = gorgeous

Top: Brand new, though it’s made to look old, Supre denim  vest, quite butch I think

Bottom: T-Plus jeans shorts. This outfit makes me look astoundingly similar to my brother. Maybe its the gurn

Accessory: I was wearing my denim visor and I have no idea why it’s not on my head here

Gurn: Pleased as punch Gardener Gurn

Year of Denim, Week of Gurn: Day 6

No zombie, just serious committed garden variety gurning

Me, my stomach, and my gurn are off to bed now for a little kip. I will possibly update this evening as I have to work, requiring an entire new outfit.

So later…..


2 Responses to Day 227: Saturday 12 December

  1. Offman says:

    One butch dyke!

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