Day232: Thursday 17 December

Chores chores chores. The whole day is nothing but labour.

Hot hot hot. That’s the weather today. And that suck suck sucks becuse I’m not down at breezy Geroa or the cool mountain air of Jamberoo.

No. I am back here in the concrete jungle, the mean streets of Marrickville where the buildings heat up and stay hot.

At least I pose cool…

My steeley gaze is fixed on the day's business

Top: Chambre vest, made in Australia by Ivy. Who are you Ivy?

Bottom: TopGirl blue denim shorts

Accessory: Little pale blue denim bag, not used in ages

The truth is this will not be my only outfit today. I’ll be changing into my denim workshop clothes shortly, then back into the above denims for any public appearances.

If I can be arsed I’ll take a pic. However I’m worried it will be giving a sneak preview of my Xmas Xtravaganza…


3 Responses to Day232: Thursday 17 December

  1. raquel says:

    cute bag- nice to see return!

  2. holdend says:

    salty dawg!

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