Day 234: Saturday 19 December

It’s midnight and I’m blogging and eating rocky road while I drink a final refreshing cleansing ale before bed.

It’s wrong but feels oh so right.

I don’t think it’s wise, but what the hell. You’re only middle aged once!

The other unwise thing I have done is bow to peer group pressure and done a bit of ‘intimate’ camel toe photography.

It’s a one-off experience, so enjoy it because hopefully I’ll never repeat it.

So anyway…

I had my official Xmas light Xtravaganza Launch.

Quite a crowd of double denimed people turned up thankful for the cooler night.

My first arrivals were the main person and support crew for Fatty Boomsticks in Tokyo, now back in Sydney. And both decked supportively in double denim…

Me in jeggings, Xmas sign and the double denim Newtown crew with bonus pussy (cat)

After the initial arrival a constant drizzle of double denim washed through The Ville. I managed to grab a few pics amongst my furious hostessing including this 3 way double denim & child denim expose…

Girl boy girl boy double denim trio + Ivy with bonus popped collar

The beers are causing some flagging here at the home of YoD. But I have two more pictures to add before nightie night and the morning’s blog…

Firstly is this Double Denim Departure of Tx…

Trix immersed in Xmas lights and double denim

And lastly and most revoltingly is this picture. Me and my fake stonewash jeggings hoicked up the ying yang…

Camel toe was demanded... I supplied

Until the pre-work blog, if I get it together by then…

The Morning After…

Oh dear.

How does one stop oneself blogging and taking horrible personal photos of oneself while drunk?

Isn’t’ drunk blogging illegal? No? Well it should be. For sure.

Being the administrator I COULD remove last night’s jibber. However, in the name of truth in journalism I have decided to keep it posted. A reminder, perhaps, to myself, to leave the computer alone after a lot of beer.

This morning I am both ashamed AND hungover, a pathetic combination all too familiar.

And I have to go to work.

So here’s what I am wearing…

More fashion from Lightfoot Designs + popped collar

Top: The second most recent donation to The Year of Denim (the most recent donation I received last night and is truly, really horrible. I can’t wait to wear it), Lightfoot customised denim vest, pairing nicely with…

Bottom: Ben Sherman jeans, a seamless combo with the vest

Accessory 1: Denim cap (thanks Sue)

Accessory 2: Brand free denim shoulder bag. I like

I hope you have noticed the gorgeous art work hanging above my shoulder. Yes, it is of a man hunting with his dog. The most extraordinary thing about this picture is that it is made from merino wool by the huge talent from Port Macquarie, Marion Scott. I also own a beautiful cat picture made from alpaca wool.

R.I.P Marion. Australian art is a lesser place without you. At least I think she’s dead. Why else would all these incredible art works be hanging up at Port Macquarie Lifeline?


8 Responses to Day 234: Saturday 19 December

  1. HRH says:

    oh the jeggings are very nice…. and the crotch shot not toey enough…

  2. petenel says:

    Well there’s something i don’t see every day – I can see why this post is tagged “Gender Studies’.

    Whatever that thing is has something of the alluring non-specific smoothness of GI Joe’s crotch region (not that I’ve ever looked mind you) , but with a BLUE/grey tinge.

    I wasn’t feeling all that xmassy but now … holly holy!

    • Year of Denim says:

      A rush of xxxxmas has over whelmed you.
      You should stand under the mistletoe.
      That’s mistletoe, not camel toe

  3. Offman says:

    Drunken blogging is mandatory, but you are allowed a quick edit in the morning! Great effort! Fave blog on the circuit.

    • Year of Denim says:

      The only editing allowed after drunken blogging is fixing typos and grammatical errors.
      Otherwise what’s the point??

  4. Mayhem says:

    Brilliant! Schappylle wants to know where to get denim leggings like yours so she can flaunt her camel toe too!

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